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22 Different Types of Lathe Machine Operations

22 Different Types of Lathe Machine Operations

Introduction To Lathe machine operation

In this article, you will learn about what are the different types of lathe machine operations performed on the lathe machine.

Lathe machine performs the different operations such as turning, facing, taper turning, knurling, grooving, parting off, electric turning, thread cutting, reaming etc.

Let’s discuss all lathe machine operations one by one as follows.

To perform different lathe machine operations on a lathe, the workpiece may be supported and driven by any one of the following methods:

  1. Workpiece held between centres and tool driven by carriers and catch plates.

  2. Workpiece held on a mandrel which is supported between centres and driven by carriers and catch plates.

  3. Held and driven by chuck with the other end supported on the tailstock centre.

  4. Held and driven by a  chuck or a faceplate or an angle plate.

Lathe Machine Operations

The lathe machine operations are classified into three main categories.

Lathe machine operations done either by holding the workpiece between centres or by a chuck are:

  1. Turning

    1. Plain or Straight Turning

    2. Rough Turning

    3. Shoulder Turning

    4. Taper Turning

    5. Eccentric Turning

  2. Facing

  3. Chamfering

  4. Knurling

  5. Thread cutting

  6. Filing

  7. Polishing

  8. Grooving

  9. Spinning

  10. Spring Winding

  11. Forming

Lathe machine operations which are performed by holding the work by a chuck or a faceplate or an angle plate are:

  1. Drilling

  2. Reaming

  3. Boring

  4. Counterboring

  5. Taper boring

  6. Tapping

  7. Undercutting

  8. Internal thread cutting

  9. Parting-off

The operation which is performed by using special attachments are:

  1. Grinding

  2. Milling