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Jeddah Kingdom Tower

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Under Construction

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Jeddah Economic City


At the forefront of worldwide skyscraper activity, Jeddah Tower represents an unprecedented exercise that dares to go beyond the one kilometer threshold, a height that seemed only to exist in fantasy just years ago. Inspired by a bundle of leaves shooting up from the ground, it is meant to emanate the growth, prosperity, and regional emergence of its homeland on the global stage, a role that many of the world’s tallest buildings have played in their respective locales.

The multivariate form of the tower is rationalized by a “Y”-shaped plan and a continuously smooth taper, which will significantly reduce structural loads by obviating the need for the complicated outrigger transfers and belt trusses required in a setback approach. Furthermore, each wing of the tower will terminate at different heights, allowing them to taper at different rates and establish a distinct three-part spire. The supporting structure for the building is comprised entirely of cast-in-place reinforced concrete walls, coupling beams, and conventionally reinforced plate concrete floor framing. Due to the continuous and uninterrupted vertical nature of the walls, a highly efficient jump form system is utilized that will permit a continuous and uninterrupted construction process.


Kingdom Real Estate Development


Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Main Contractor

Saudi Bin Laden Group