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enas saleh

7 months ago

Structural Steel Connections as American Institute of Steel Construction

Steel Connections | Overview :

  • Connections are the glue that holds a steel structure together.

  • Historically, most major structural failures have been due to some form of connection failure.

  • Steel connections have a direct influence on the cost of the framing system.

  • While a connection may be efficient in the use of material, it may still be very expensive to erect.

  • Repetitive connection design may save costs.

  • Most connections have the connecting material (plates,angles, …) attached to one member in the fabrication shop and to the other members in the field.

  • It is a common practice to weld shop attachments and to bolt field attachments.

  • If the supporting girder and a supported beam have the same depth, the supported beam must be double coped.

  • End-plate connections are always shop welded.